Pacific Rim Fish

Solander offers an excellent range of fresh Pacific Rim export grade fish delivered weekly year round.

Pacific Rim Fish Available

Solander Fish Handling & Processing

All Solander vessels use the RSW (refrigerated salt water) chilling process. All fish are pre-chilled and then placed in holding tanks where the core temperature is maintained at –1 degrees for the entire voyage. The RSW system maintains chilled fish as close to its natural environment as possible. It provides a fast and stable chilling process ensuring the freshest possible chilled product.

All Solander fish are caught using the longline method, which ensures fish are in pristine condition when landed. This combined with twice-weekly discharges on a Wednesday and Sunday and delivered to you on Tuesday and Thursday provides for the freshest products possible delivered to your door.

Note: Solander uses no additives in any of its products. The only thing we add with our fish is ice.