Bigeye Tuna

Solander catches and lands fresh Bigeye Tuna weekly. 

Bigeye Tuna is a favourite amongst chefs for its fantastic flavour, texture and lots of flesh with no bone. It is considered a premium flesh for sashimi. It also cooks brilliantly and is easy to prepare. Bigeye Tuna is caught in deeper, cooler water and has a higher fat content and longer shelf life than other tunas. The flesh is a deep red colour.

Bigeye Tuna Preparation

Most chefs prefer to use Bigeye Tuna for sashimi, sushi or Carpaccio dishes. If you have to cook it, searing in a hot pan works well, but be very careful not to overcook. The higher fat content is ideal for grilling, roasting and pan-searing.

Bigeye Tuna Availability

Caught and available all year round.

Bigeye Tuna Products