Solander operates a deep sea vessel based out of Port Timaru. The vessel does 4-6 week trips year round. It’s main target species being Hake, Ling, White Warehou, Silver Warehou, Squid and Hoki.

Ling is also known as Kingklip (USA, SA), Kingu ( Japan) and Rosada (Spain). Ling is caught between 200-700 metres around the Southern North Island and the South Island of New Zealand. Ling is caught all year round by longline and trawl.

Ling Preparation

Ling has a mild flavour with white, firm flesh which holds it shape when cooked. Ling has a wide range of uses from Smoking to Sashimi. The fillets can be pan-fried, sautéed, deep-fry, baked, steamed grilled or broiled.

Ling Products

All product is processed and frozen at sea, all products are H&G Dressed.