Solander Maritime

Vessel Management

Solander has a 25-year history in Small Ship Management, employing or contracting over 400 seafarers, at one time, securing a personnel base almost unequalled in the Central South Pacific region.

Supporting infrastructure in the form of Engineering and Financial services is available both from New Zealand and Fiji. Our administration staffs have years of seagoing experience gained in Military, Merchant and Fishing Fleets. The company maintains office satellite communications and vessel monitoring systems.

Marine projects have been undertaken in Solomon’s and Kiribati. Current work is being undertaken in Fiji and elsewhere in the Pacific.

Projects undertaken:

Suva Slipway – Fiji, South Pacific

South Sea Slipway Ltd

Suva’s largest covered slipway. Privately operated by Vessel owners and Engineers – we understand what lost sea time costs.

Come in out of the rain to a professionally run slipway. Every day is a work day!